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Flight safety is one of the principal properties of any aircraft.The safety issues are developed at the Institute in the following directions: reliability and fail-safety,study of the human factor, and construction of onboard safety systems.Investigation of accidents makes an integral part of these activities

Reliability and Fail-safety Since the early 60s, the Flight Research Institute has been assigned to solve the whole complex of problems concerning safety and reliability of Soviet aircraft. More >>>

Human Factor In the total number of accidents and crashes, the percentage of the cases involving the so-called "human factor" is rather large. More >>>

Onboard safety systems. One of the principal directions of the Institute's activities is development of onboard safety systems. More >>>

Investigation of Aircraft Accidents. Since the early 60s, the Institute has carried out a number of researches in order to clarify the reasons of increase of the number of accidents with the second generation jet aircraft. More >>>

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