Летно-исследовательский институт
имени М.М. Громова


Flight Research Institute named after M.M.Gromov is the unique research center that has no equal in the whole world - the Gromov Flight Research Institute, named after Mikhail Mikhailovich Gromov, a legendary test pilot. The Flight Research Institute is a research and development establishment, which handles the most relevant problems of aviation and cosmonautics with the methods of scientific experiment using flying laboratories, model, test, and production planes.

History The Flight Research Institute was founded on March 8,1941, in accordance with the Act of the Sovnarkom (Council of People Commissars) of the USSR and the Central Committee of the All-Russian Communist Party (of Bolshevists). Mikhail Mikhailovich Gromov, a legendary test pilot and a Hero of the Soviet Union, became its first chief. From the very beginning the Institute has been meant to perform the following jobs: participation in development and testing of aircraft and airborne systems, and conduction of flight research in order to pave the way to further scientific activities. More >>>

Basic Research Flight research represents the final link in the chain of routine research technology in aviation science More >>>

Testing Prototype Aircraft and Equipment The Flight Research Institute plays an important role in prototype testing,thereby making it possible to create all the types of aircraft and aerospace vehicles. More >>>

Flight Safety and Operation Problem Flight safety is one of the principal properties of any aircraft. The safety issues are developed at the Institute in the following directions. More >>>

Products and services The Flight Research Institute is interested in strengthening its positions at the home and foreign markets. More >>>

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