Летно-исследовательский институт
имени М.М. Громова

Testing Prototype Aircraft and Equipment

System Development aboard Flying Laboratories Advanced flying lab-based development of the systems of aircraft still under construction allows considerably reducing the number of the prototype's test flights. More >>>

Participation in Prototype Tests. Due to its highly skilled personnel and unique test facilities, the Institute traditionally conducts certain most complex prototype tests. More >>>

Flight Test Techniques. The Institute is continuously improving the techniques of prototype flight tests. Traditionally, it develops and improves the standard testing techniques to use in military and civil aviation and issues corresponding guiding documents (prototype testing manuals, adequacy-testing methods, etc.). More >>>

Directive functions. In accordance with the Government resolution, the Fight Research Institute exercises scientific and methodological administration of activities concerning experimental aviation in the part of safety control during tests of prototype and experimental aircraft and flying laboratories. More >>>

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