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Aircraft Instrumentation | Летно-исследовательский институт имени М.М. Громова

Летно-исследовательский институт
имени М.М. Громова

Aircraft Instrumentation

Using satellite and information technologies, the Gromov Flight Research Institute conducts basic research into air navigation systems based on satellite and information technologies in order to increase accuracy and reliability of air navigation support of aircraft flights and to create an integrated system of communication,navigation, observation, and air-traffic organization in the Russian Federation.
The center was created at the Institute to perform research and certification of the components of the integrated system of communication, navigation, observation, and air-traffic organization using the differential operation mode of the GLONASS/GPs satellite systems. The accomplished flight research allowed considerable expanding the test flight area up to 300 km from the checkout station in real-time scale.
On the basis of long-term experimental research on the thermalphysic characteristics of heat insulated and reflecting disperse materials a theory of dispersion sphere heat transfer using radiation was created in the Institute. The foundation of the theory is formed on macroscopic kinetics of photon gas within the framework of non-equilibrium thermodynamics
The Institute participates in the development of advanced primary data sensors for the remote probing of earth and water surfaces in visible, infrared, and radar bands of electromagnetic spectrum. The results allow an increase in the amount of obtained information by processing and integrated data from different sensing devices. The flight research and testing are performed aboard the An-22 and MI-8 Flying Labs. During their flights over the special test range, they are equipped with test objects operating within the spectral sensitivity ranges of the primary data sensors.

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